Christina Urech
Bildungs- und Schulberatung
Elisabethenstrasse 37 CH- 3014 Bern / Switzerland
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Are you relocating to Switzerland and looking for the right school for your child? Are you moving within Switzerland and having to look for a new school for your child? Or does the school you have selected for your child not meet your expectations?

new school frontiers will look for the day care center or school that is just the right place for your child.

the best school for your child

As a certified college instructor, an experienced school director abroad and the mother of two children herself, Christina Urech can advise and counsel you competently and impartially in questions related to education and schools. 

26 cantons and 26 different educational systems : This poses an enormous challenge for most families from other countries. new school frontiers shows you how to find a school that fits your needs and the steps that need to be taken to help your child integrate into the new school in Switzerland. We would be happy to accompany you when visiting the future school and to determine how to proceed step-by-step with the Director of that school.

As a middleman between the parents/child and the school we look for solutions and offer custom-tailored support so that your child will be equipped to make a smooth transition from the school system he/she is coming from to the Swiss one. We would also be glad to be of assistance if you are moving from one part of Switzerland to another and are looking for a suitable school or day-care facility for your child.

In an initial consultation new school frontiers explains the Swiss system of education and provides information about the local public and private schools in your new place of residence. We make concrete suggestions as to which schools would be right for your child and advise you as to how to proceed subsequently.

Should you and your child wish accompaniment in the school selection process, new school frontiers will evaluate your child‘s individual needs in an additional consultation using a questionnaire designed specifically for that purpose and will visit with you the schools in question.

To ensure a smooth transition from the school your child used to attend to the new school new school frontiers accompanies your child and helps you to get the necessary transitional support. new school frontiers advises families to involve their children when discussing such matters.